View Your Squirt Alerts Through RSS

May 8, 2009

You are now able to view your SquirtTM Alerts from any computer or mobile device that’s capable of viewing RSS.  To access your list of alerts all you need to do is visit Just change my email address “” to yours.

To be honest I’ve never used an RSS reader until now. I just didn’t see what the fuss was about but we thought that being able to syndicate SquirtTM Alerts and lists of Alerts would be useful so we loaded this up into our product backlog and there you have it.

Squirt Alerts on Your iPhoneTo test this out I had first tried it in Firefox. Subscribing to my alert feed was a simple click of a button. This worked so well I wondered what it would look like on my iPhone. Low and behold it actually works out very nicely on the iPhone. I get why people like using RSS readers now. It’s really quite handy!

The key benefit here is that if you have an alert setup for your work email address (as many people seem to have) you’ll be able to access those same alerts from your home computer without having to setup the same alerts again. Plus it’s really easy to share your Alert lists now; just email them to your friends, post them on Squidoo, or integrate them into your blog.



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