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October 21, 2009

We received the the following email yesterday from a very satisfied LemonFree Squirt Alert user. If there are any squirt alert users out there reading this post and you have some feedback;  good or bad, please send it

Thnx Again for Ur Terrific Svc.

Got ur alert on a Monday-am, Sept13th, made an appointment 2 C car that day,
Bought it SAME-DAY ! … It’s Fabulous !
Sept09 ( 2007  Pontiac Solstice, Auto-Trans, Edison, NJ, Open Road BMW )

Evidently dealer didn’t remove Auto from ur listing because I got an alert from u 2day 4 same car.  ( Subsequently I removed My request from ur alerts ).

A couple weeks B4, I immediately checked out an alert the same day U sent it.  A couple who had traveled from Delaware viewed it 1st,(B4 me) and ultimately bought it – Same Day !  Sept09  ( 2007 Pontiac Soltice,Auto-Trans, East Brunswick, NJ, Open Road Hyuanda )

Thnx LemonFree 4 ur Rapid Alerts

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