5 Secrets About the LemonFree.com Team

Ever wonder what those magic little lemon squeezers who bring you such a fresh and simple car shopping experience are like? Here are some secrets from around the LemonFree.com office. (don’t tell)


Winnipeg Jets 5. We are Canadian – Seriously, we are based in the middle of Canada in Winterpeg, I mean Winnipeg. It is frigidly cold here… as I am writing this it is -19 C with the wind chill. (don’t worry our summers overcompensate). We LOVE the Winnipeg Jets and yes we do say Eh.






Chocolate 4. Chocolate is an endangered substance in our office – around 2-3 times a week someone breaks down and buys chocolate for the office, but it never actually lasts more than 3 hours… Santa and our various partners have indulged our vice in a most extravagant way this holiday season. (Thank-you VERY much)





BBQ Steaks3. Most of us would love to be Meatatarians - Sorry PETA. Our plans for this year`s holiday party include a number of orders for rather large sides of red meat.










Beer stack2. We drink beer instead of coffee on Friday afternoons – we like to reward ourselves after a grueling week of squeezing lemons by adding beer to our usual diet of chocolate. Sometimes we drink coolers, which the guys like to say are for me however, I have never had more than one.








1. Dan wears his lemon costume when we are not around – Just breaking it in for NADA… Or so he says.










Stay tuned for more secrets …

- Breanne


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