The Random Things You Will Find in the Cars of Employees – and our explanations

January 27, 2012

Funny ToiletA portable toilet – Our technical coordinator has a small porta-potty in the back of his van. He claims that this is so that his van fits the requirements of being a ‘motor home’. We are thinking that his commute into work may be just a little bit too long.




Jar of PicklesFrozen pickle juice – This was actually found in my car. I have always had a slight obsession with pickles… My future sister-in-law gave me a jar of her Dad’s homemade pickles that promptly rolled under the front seat of my car for me to forget about.  It froze, cracked, and thus frozen pickle juice spilled, giving my car a delicious smell and a frozen snack for when I get stuck in a snow bank.




Hula HoopHula-hoops – The VP of Operations does not have any children, does not moonlight as a clown; but he is always prepared for some hip swinging fun. He claims that his fiancé (who is a school teacher) left them in his car and he keeps forgetting to take them out. We fear that he is just waiting for the right quarterly meeting to incorporate them into a ‘team’ building exercise.



fake rose petalsFake Rose Petals – When asked what was the weirdest thing found in his car, one of our fearless leaders (Dan), responded that there was nothing odd in his car. Totally believable considering he is a bit of a neat freak when it comes to his car… and then he remembered he has fake rose petals. You know just in case he needs to take a breather from steering the ship to stop and smell the roses.



Pixelated Image????? – Our Chief Strategy Officer responded with an email full of interesting/odd/disturbing items. We have all decided that none of us ever want to ride in his car again. EVER. (no explanation required)




What is the weirdest thing found in your car?


-          Breanne

Convenient or Creepy – New Wave Luxury Features

January 13, 2012

The other day we were talking around the office about the features in cars that we like the best. Heated seats and steering wheels were high up on the list (it was -31 outside). It got me thinking about all of the different features that you can get in a car nowadays. The dream cars from the movies have essentially leapt into our garages. Entertainment systems that would make most family rooms jealous, navigation systems that talk to you in whatever accent you prefer, automatic parking and driving; all that is missing is someone to cook for you while your car drives you home from work. I love convenience features… but when do they become creepy?

Self-Parking Cars

No issues with this one. I am all for self-parallel-parking cars. It is about time someone came up with a fix for the painful task of parallel parking. I have made a fool of myself one to many times trying to park my car on a busy street.

Self-Driving Cars

This one scares me a bit. All I can think about when I picture a self-driving car is the computer locking me into my seat while the car drives me somewhere I do not want to go. I have no doubts that a self-driving car run by a computer is far less prone to driver error than I am first thing in the morning, but none the less I would feel like I was being kidnapped.

Heart Rate Monitors

This one was new to me. Apparently there is now a feature in Volvos that checks to see if there is life in your car by heart rate detection and will alert you on your key fob if there is an unexpected visitor in your parked car. Paranoid much?

Also experimenting with in car heart rate car monitors, Ford is currently testing technology that will continually monitor a driver’s heart rate, check for any heart abnormalities/defects, and let you know if you are about to have a heart attack. Very cool.

My only concern is what they plan on doing with the data that will undoubtedly be collected. Yes I had 6 heartbeats in my car last night… and two of them were racing ;)

Adaptive Cruise Control

I hate nothing more than having to break both literally and mentally from my day dream on a long, boring, straight drive. Most people space out when they are driving long distances that allow for the use of cruise control. This feature would ensure that someone is paying attention and prevent quick breaking at high speeds that can cause accidents.

Save Yourself A Lemon Of A Headache; Top Things Smart Shoppers Forget To Do On A Test Drive

January 6, 2012

Even the most seasoned and prepared car shopper can be distracted by supple leather and new car smell. Here are some tips for staying on track and getting what you need out of your test drive.

Research the car’s potential hidden problems

Listen to your mother and do your homework first… make sure you know what frequent problems pop up with this make/model/year. Checking internet forums to uncover frequently occurring issues will give you a list of things to listen/look/feel for on your test drive. (You can always ask the mechanic who lives in our Facebook wall… his name is Stephan and he is very friendly)  Research will also prepare you for those less than honorable dealers who may try to distract you with bells, whistles, bling, and other features.


Don’t be rushed

When we rush we forget things. It’s like when you forget deodorant in the morning. Make sure that there is nothing hurrying your test drive. Not being rushed gives you enough time to ask all of your questions, and ensure you have all the information you need to make a sound decision. Sales people can sense when you are rushed and make take this opportunity to pressure you into a purchase.


Phone a Friend

I love driving my brother’s car, but I hate being the passenger. It is cramped and it feels like my butt is travelling on concrete instead of in a coupe. If you are planning on frequently having passengers in your vehicle it is a good idea to take someone along to test drive the passenger side of the car. It also never hurts to have a second pair of eyes/ears to pick up on anything you might miss.


Diversify Your Drive

Sunday is only one day of the week, so don’t just Sunday drive on your test drive. Get a feel for all of the situations you will encounter in your potential car.  Drive like you normally would; start fast, start slow, highway drive, test turning, change lanes, parallel park, fill up the trunk. There is nothing worse than discovering your new car has a rather large blind spot after you back into your boss’s car.


Can I See This in Blue? – Test Drive More Than One

Have you ever thought yours was great until you tried someone else’s?  Be sure to test drive a similar model/year within a short time frame. Driving a similar version of the car you are looking at can highlight any glaring differences you wouldn’t notice by trying only one vehicle. Uncover any features you forgot you couldn’t live without, or odd noises and smells before you bring it home. This one is especially true for used cars.


Before you go … Decide What You Are ‘Interested In’ Today

Test driving is like dating. Knowing what your expectations/limits are helps weed out the lemons and ensures you don’t wind up in a prickly situation the morning after. Decide before if you are willing to buy today or are just looking. This will help keep you from being pressured into a purchase you are unsure of by a charming salesperson.

Got a helpful test drive tactic? Share it below.

Happy Shopping!!!

-          Breanne


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