View Your Squirt Alerts Through RSS

May 8, 2009

You are now able to view your SquirtTM Alerts from any computer or mobile device that’s capable of viewing RSS.  To access your list of alerts all you need to do is visit Just change my email address “” to yours.

To be honest I’ve never used an RSS reader until now. I just didn’t see what the fuss was about but we thought that being able to syndicate SquirtTM Alerts and lists of Alerts would be useful so we loaded this up into our product backlog and there you have it.

Squirt Alerts on Your iPhoneTo test this out I had first tried it in Firefox. Subscribing to my alert feed was a simple click of a button. This worked so well I wondered what it would look like on my iPhone. Low and behold it actually works out very nicely on the iPhone. I get why people like using RSS readers now. It’s really quite handy!

The key benefit here is that if you have an alert setup for your work email address (as many people seem to have) you’ll be able to access those same alerts from your home computer without having to setup the same alerts again. Plus it’s really easy to share your Alert lists now; just email them to your friends, post them on Squidoo, or integrate them into your blog.


It’s a love hate relationship with Google

August 2, 2007

It was looking a little scary there for a few days; LemonFree lost all it’s search engine positioning in google and we wern’t quite sure why. But where back in today so I guess Google loves us again!

 If you have a similar story you would like to share or just any story for that matter, please leave it in the comments.

Dan & The LemonFree Team

It’s Official! – Google Likes

June 19, 2007

Google has finally let into their index and we are receiving more traffic then ever. If you are a dealer and you don’t have your inventory on LemonFree, now would be a good time; the dealers we do have are already seeing positive results from the huge traffic increase.

Along with more traffic of course comes more emails about users having troubles with the site; fortunately they are mostly small issues and we are dealing with these right away.

If you are having any troubles with the site please email them directly to me at And if you see a better way we should be doing something, please don’t hesitate to tell us, we love to hear from our users, again email those to me at

Dealers, if you don’t have your inventory listed on LemonFree you can find out how here

To learn more about our data feed standards, click on this link

If you are a small dealer and wish to list your inventory you can do so here. Private sellers should also use this link as well

Thanks to all our LemonFree users and to everyone that has sent us feedback, please keep it coming.

Dan and the LemonFree Team

69 Chevy Camaro Squidoo Lens

June 6, 2007

I’ve been playing around with Squidoo these past few days and ended up making a few Lenses promoting

Yesterday I created this one for the 69 Chevy Camaro.

Not only are lenses great for promoting your website but the site also shares a part of the revenue generated by the pages you create. It’s really easy to setup, I created the 69 Chevy Camaro Lens in about 5 minutes.

Try creating your own lens, click here to start

If you create a car related lens, please include a link to LemonFree on it


What your car says about you

May 16, 2007

Just found this great slide show at about what the car you drive says about you.

 I own a 2000 VW GTI and I found the VW Jetta description within the slide show described me pretty well.

 Check it out


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